The Secret to Discovering Your Inner Self in 5 Fun & Easy Lessons  

In Finding the Phoenix: An Adventure in Self-Discovery: You’ll Get Tools to Help
You Experience Greater Clarity, the Meaning of Your Dreams, and a Deeper Understanding of Yourself While Being More Connected to Earth &

A Sincere Invitation: It’s Time to Look into Your Soul’s Journey

Is this you: many people wake up in the morning wondering what their purpose in life is, why they are here, and what their place is in the world.

Or they don’t wonder these things and find themselves racing from task to task, never looking deeper. This leads to feeling stressed out and frustrated much of the time but having no idea why. If any of this sounds like you… read on.

You are invited to participate in the adventure of journeying into your inner landscape, and to take steps on a path where creative expression leads to the surprising discovery of greater self worth and understanding.

WHAT: Finding the Phoenix: An Adventure in Self-Discovery

Presented as a series of 5 workshops. Choose single workshops or get the full package for a discount.

WHERE: Westside Unitarian Universalist Church, 616 Fretz Road, Farragut, TN

WHEN:  All workshops will be held on Saturdays from 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM

June 27: Night Messages: Learning to Discover the Meaning of your Dreams

July 25:   More Than Words: Self-Discovery through Expressive Arts

August 29: Ecopsychology: Connecting to the Magic of Nature

September 26: Inner Mysteries: Using an Ancient Technique to Access Your Inner Wisdom

October 24: Your Hero’s Journey: The Power of Personal Mythology

COST: Single workshops $45 or Buy 4 Get One Free for a Total of: $180


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Buy 4 Get One Free for a Total of: $180

“Expect to be educated, supported and guided in creative, expressive ways by
a woman gifted with great intelligence, wit, integrity and wisdom. A teacher
who sparkles with her magic, spice and sass!”

~ Teresa J.

Former Student, Belding, Michigan




Karel James Bouse, Ph.D./Ph.D. is the founder the Institute of Esoteric Psychology and is an Amazon Best Seller of Neo-Shamanism and Mental Health. She has taught classes in Neo-shamanism, personal mythology, dreamwork, and expressive arts for more than 25 years. She also served as the director of a performing arts school and opera company, an experience she draws on to help her students discover their own creativity. She has presented at psychological association conferences internationally. Dr. Bouse has been a peer reviewer for the Journal of Humanistic Psychology since 2016 and is Special Guest Editor for their upcoming Anomalous Lifeworlds: Mysticism, Magic and Expanded Consciousness. Contact Dr. Karel at