Students will learn:

  • How to remember and work with your dreams so that you can interpret their messages. Dream images can provide the answers to many of your questions as well as provide insight into your life patterns, decisions and life choices.
  • How to communicate with the divinity within you and its inner wisdom at will so that you can have access to it for guidance, inspiration and deep understanding about your life purpose, direction and identity.
  • How to translate your deepest feelings (including traumas and wishes) into art in a way that connects directly with your emotions and memories. Giving material form to these feelings is a cathartic experience that can purge the negative for improved mental health and clarify the positive to encourage direction and action in your life.
  • How to create a template and narrative for the life you could be living aligned with your authentic self so that you can become the person you intuitively know yourself to be and manifest the life path that enables you to fulfill your potential.
  • How to use an ancient technique to heal and move forward from transgenerational issues that continue to keep you from the life you are meant to live so that you can fulfill your potential, break out of old negative patterns, and live the most satisfying life possible.
  • How to reconnect with the natural world so that you can realize a renewed sense of wonder and benefit from the healing and peace that nature provides.
  • How to live more creatively in your everyday life so that you can apply your skills and imagination to everything from problem-solving in the workplace to creating the ideal home environment (and everything in between.) Everyday creativity is something that we all have and using it not only enriches our daily life experience but enables us to re-vision ourselves as creative people.


Dr. Karel James Bouse has presented at numerous conferences on topics including magic, neo-shamanism, transgenerational healing, creative expression, and others. She is available to present to groups of any size. She is open to customizing a presentation for your group.

Dr. Bouse’s books include Neo-Shamanism and Mental Health, Transgenerational Colonialism: Reconstructing Collective and Personal Identity (forthcoming in 2021 from Lexington Books.) She has presented at psychological association conferences internationally and holds active memberships in American Psychological Association, the British Psychological Society, the Parapsychological Association, the Association for Transpersonal Psychology, the Society for Shamanic Practice, and the American Counseling Association and International Expressive Arts Therapists Association. She has been a peer reviewer for the Journal of Humanistic Psychology since 2016.

Current Topic:  Discovering Your Authentic Self in a Chaotic World

In a simultaneously serious yet fun and light-heartedly professional presentation, Dr. Bouse will share useful tools and techniques for everyone in your audience to discover their authentic self in the midst of this wild, chaotic 24-7 busy world we live in. This talk includes:

  • The Big 4 Tools to bridge the conscious with the unconscious
  • Accessible exercises you can use beginning immediately for connection with your Authentic Self
  • Integration and alignment of Body, Mind and Spirit for optimal balance and wellness in your life for the rest of your life when you use these techniques
  • How to tap into your own innate creativity as a way of life
  • How to experience enhanced identity awareness through expressive art, Neo-shamanic meditation, dreamwork, and a deep connection with the natural world


“Expect to be educated, supported and guided in creative, expressive ways by a woman gifted with great intelligence, wit, integrity and wisdom. A teacher who sparkles with her magic, spice and sass!”   Teresa J., Former Student

Teresa J. Belding, Michigan


These workshops conducted on-site not only improve employee self-esteem and creativity, but are a huge boon to mental health as well. That translates into better productivity and reduced loss of time due to stress, illness and mental health issues. This material is just as important as an on-site gym – mind, body and spirit all work together.

Designed to integrate the conscious with the unconscious, participants will increase their productivity, creativity and mental health by discovering how:

  • Dream Work facilitates access to the wisdom and inspiration of dreams to enhance creativity and innovative ideas.
  • Deep Focused Meditation promotes self-knowledge and subsequent skills for meeting challenges and finding inspiration.
  • Personal Mythology motivates changes in identity that result in the strengthening of teamwork and leadership skills.
  • Expressive Arts promotes improved self-knowledge, creativity, stress management and overall balance.


Finding the Authentic Self: An Introduction to Self-Discovery

This online workshop introduces the concept of the authentic self, how one might discover it, and its importance to maintained wellbeing. It provides an overview of the tools and principles that constitute an organized, accessible template for personal self-discovery as well as suggestions for self-care, increasing awareness, exploring the mysteries of the unconscious, and accessing the wisdom that lie within each of us. There will be a short lecture, interactive exercises and group discussion (via ZOOM.)  Workshop materials and a recorded version of the lecture for reference will be available to students through this website. For more information

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Secrets of the Night: Dream Work for Self-Discovery

This workshop introduces students to the principles of Dream Work and consists of two parts. Both sessions include a short lecture, group discussion and interactive exercises (via ZOOM.) Class materials and a recorded version of the lecture for reference will be available to students through this website.

  • Part One: Whither Dreaming? This section includes a lecture and discussion about dreams, their meanings and origins, the neuroscience behind them, theories and philosophies of dreams, and the evolution of contemporary dream studies. Students will have the opportunity to participate in some simple dream exercises, be provided with some practices that facilitate dream recall, and be given instructions for dream work practice to prepare for Part Two.
  • Part Two: Dream Lab This highly interactive section focuses on and introduces students to Dream Work techniques and practices that will enable them to examine the imagery of their dreams, and analyze them to determine their personal significance and meaning. Students are to bring written accounts of 2 dreams (either recent or recurrent) to work on during the class. Group discussions are lively and participation is encouraged, but not required if one does not wish to share.

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Click “Request Now” button to email a “request info for Secrets of the Night Workshops”.









Part One provides students with the Big 6 tools for self-exploration: Expressive Arts, Dream Work, Personal Mythology, Deep Meditation, Expanded Consciousness and the Supernormal, and Ecopsychology: Connecting with Nature.  All six of these tools facilitate self-discovery, integration and expansion of consciousness by creating a working interface between the conscious and the unconscious, the rational and the non-rational, and the linear and the non-linear. Students learn how to work with their dreams for recall and meaning, use spontaneous art to express feelings and insights that cannot be put into words, examine current life narratives and create new ones, and enhance personal and transpersonal awareness by finding connections to ancestors, nature, and spirit that cannot be perceived through the physical senses. These tools promote access to the amazing and unique universe that is each of us, and the wisdom that lies within. 


Awareness of the value of so-called alternative and indigenous therapeutic protocols among psychologists and even medical doctors is increasing. There is a developing need for highly trained practitioners in these alternative therapies to become involved as adjuncts in standard clinical practices. The Institute of Esoteric Psychology is developing a course of study through which therapists and dedicated non-therapists can become certified in the application of Neo-shamanic techniques and principles in clinical therapeutic practice. Unlike other shamanism courses, these students will undergo training in psychology, anatomy and physiology, neuroscience, law and ethics as well as follow a rigorous curriculum in self-discovery, shamanic worldview and practice. Once certified, students will become part of a core of elite Neo-shamanic practitioners who are qualified to work in tandem with licensed mental health and medical providers.          

This course of study will begin taking students in 2021. Students who are interested in pursuing certification as a Clinical Neo-shamanic Practitioner are encouraged to enroll for class or private instruction in Self-Discovery for Wellness Part One as completion of these studies is a pre-requisite for admission to the certification program.     

Participants in this program will be selected through an application process and that completion of Finding the Phoenix Part One are pre-requisites for eligibility for the Clinical Shamanism Program.

The courses and classes offered by the Institute of Esoteric Psychology are for educational purposes only, and are not a substitute for psychotherapy. Dr. Bouse is not a licensed psychotherapist, and the services offered by IEP are not therapeutic in nature.