This book explores the contemporary practice of Neo-shamanism and its relationship to mental health. Chapters cover the practice of Neo-shamanism, how it differs from traditional shamanism, the technology of the shamanic journey, the lifeworlds of some of its practitioners, as well as its benefits and pitfalls. The author’s analysis draws on an in-depth study of existing literature, original qualitative-phenomenological research into the lifeworlds of practitioners, and nearly three decades of observation and experience as a student, teacher and practitioner of Neo-shamanism. She discusses the potential role of Neo-shamanic journey technology as an approach for psychology-based studies of consciousness and anomalous phenomena; its value as a tool for self-exploration as part of a supervised curriculum; as well as the possible therapeutic applications of the journey and shamanic healing protocols for use by mental health professionals. Click here to purchase on

Transgenerational Colonialism: Reconstructing Collective and Personal Identities (Lexington Books. 2021) is an interdisciplinary analysis and theoretical overview of colonialism and its transgenerational impact.  It employs the disciplines of history, psychology and arts-based inquiry to examine the cycles within colonialism which are characterized by the depreciation of group and personal identities of subjugated populations, and their subsequent reconstruction of pre-colonial identities through cultural renaissance. This study focuses on Ireland and Ulster (Northern Ireland) as a current example of the way in which the traumas and psychological wounds of preceding generations continue to fester and influence current collective and persona psychologies, lifeworlds, and Dasein.

Self-Discovery for Wellness: Realizing the Authentic Self in a Chaotic World is an exposition of the model of self-discovery using alternative modalities that Dr. Bouse has developed through teaching classes and workshops since 2012, and is an expansion of the material covered in Chapter of Neo-shamanism and Mental Health.  Part One (Finding the Light Within) examines the 4 Tools of Integrative Self-Discovery namely Dream Work, Personal Mythology, Expressive Arts, and Neo-shamanic meditative techniques. Part Two (Emergence of the Authentic Self) applies these tools within a Jungian-based framework.  This is a process which enables the individual to tear away the pseudo-self of ego and diminished identity influenced by external factors in order to reveal the individuated authentic self within. It is the emergence of the authentic self optimizes one’s capacity to live a rewarding self-actualized life through.  The book includes discussions, a step-by-step template, and suggested exercises. Self-Discovery for Wellness is unique in that it provides tools for self-exploration that medical and mental health professionals can incorporate into their own practices, while being accessible to ordinary readers who want to live their fullest lives.

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