is an organization devoted to education and research directed toward establishing the synergistic application of alternative practices e.g. expressive arts, dreamwork, personal mythology, and deep, focused meditation as valuable means for personal integration by individuals and as adjuncts to standard clinical practice in psychology and medicine.

Karel James Bouse, Ph.D./Ph.D.

Dr. Bouse founded the Institute of Esoteric Psychology in February 2018 to facilitate research and education into alternative protocols that integrate the conscious and the unconscious for personal self-discovery and as adjuncts to standard therapies currently used by medical and mental health professionals.

She is the author of Neo-shamanism and Mental Health (Palgrave Macmillan, Dec.2019), Transgenerational Colonialism: Reconstructing Collective and Personal Identity (forthcoming Lexington, 2021), and Finding the Phoenix: A Course in Self-Discovery Parts 1 and 2 (forthcoming Ingram/Spark, 2020).  

She has many years experience teaching workshops, classes and courses, and has presented papers and workshops at academic and psychological conferences in the US and UK. She is an active member of APA, ACA, BPS,PA, IEATA, IATP, and SSP. She has been a peer reviewer for The Journal of Humanistic Psychology since 2016  and is currently the Guest Editor for a Special Issue of the JHP.

"Happier and Healthier"

“In Dr. Bouse’s classes I was first introduced
to the connection between dreams and shamanism.
Shamans understand the waking dream, and
can guide that dream so they (we) are
no longer at the mercy of a collective nightmare.
Learning about such tools can make us
happier and healthier.”   (E.F., Loudon, TN)



"Expanded My Life"

“Working with Dr. Karel Bouse has expanded
my life. She brings rampant creativity and
exploration into the dark areas, support
and courage to examine our wounds, and
her personal example of spit-fire bravery to
encourage the meek among us to blaze forth.
She leads by example. All the good things:
Kindness, compassion, erudition and spunk.”
(B. Myerson, Coker Creek, TN)



"Incredible and Important Work"

“The study and work I’ve done with Karel
has been instrumental in my opening up
and connecting with the shamanic world.
Through these explorations I have uncovered
worlds and being I could only dream of,
and am able to work with or let go of as
needed. Every time we work together I am
able to unlock and integrate some piece of
myself that I have lost or trapped, including
deep inner child and trauma work. Starting
on this path has been life transforming and
I am so grateful to Karel for providing a safe
ground from which to explore this incredible
and important work. Thank you!!”
(P. MacLean, Austin, TX)



"An Awesome Experience!"

“Our classes gave me confirmation that we
all have some form of healing and spiritual
communication with every living being
around us. Some of us have the ability to
tap deeper into that gift than others, and
learning how to use our gifts has been an
awesome experience. Thank you so much,
Karel, for sharing with us all.”
(Holly McK, Athens, TN.)



"A Treasured Tool"

“This journey, as presented by Dr. Karel at
her workshops, has become a treasured
tool that I use in daily life for problem-solving,
vision work, and self-knowing. What an
incredible and Divine gift to bring the unconscious
mind into the conversations and situations
of modern life and most especially, the healing
potential for all the heavy old traumas that
need to be released. Housekeeping and
Temple-clearing of the highest order!
Dr. Karel’s professional standards and deep
knowledge and experience in this emerging
field will inspire your transformation in
unexpected and beautiful ways.”
(H. Sloan, Tellico Plains, TN)



"Stimulate Your Intellect"

“After the first class I was hooked. The classes stimulate your intellect while awakening your spiritual self at the same time. I learned so much about psychology, shamanism, myself and much more. Anyone who takes a course from Karel online or in a workshop will undoubtedly be intrigued and left yearning for more…more background and understanding of where we came from, to where we are today both collectively as a whole and as individuals.”  (Julie B. in Greensboro, NC)



The courses and classes offered by the Institute of Esoteric Psychology are for educational purposes only, and are not a substitute for psychotherapy. Dr. Bouse is not a licensed psychotherapist, and the services offered by IEP are not therapeutic in nature.